Finn Church Aid (FCA)

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00161 Helsinki

12 Rami Maddah Street,
Tla al-Ali Al-Sharqi, Amman, Jordan
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Phone: +358 20 787 1200
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Johanna Norrdahl,
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Formed in 1947, Finn Church Aid (FCA) is today the largest non-governmental organisation in Finland working in development cooperation, and second-largest in humanitarian assistance. FCA carries out development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, advocacy work and inter-church aid on behalf of the Evangelic Lutheran Church in Finland.

FCA works to help the world’s poorest people in tens of countries across four different continents. We work with the poorest and most vulnerable people, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic background or political convictions.

We have a 93 staff at our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and about 86 employees in regional and country offices in Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Kenya, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan and Jordan.

In 2011, we expended a total of 31 million euros on aid and other operations

FCA is a member of the ACT Alliance which is one of the largest aid agency networks in the world and is a partner organisation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

FCA works towards a world with justice and human dignity for all. Our work is based on three closely interlinked themes: Right to Peace, Right to Livelihood and Right to Education.

FCA is a rights-based actor. Our action is guided by international human rights standards and principles. Equality, non-discrimination and accountability are at the core of our work. FCA’s approach to rights-based programme work is to consider risk management, risk reduction, conflict

sensitivity, gender sensitivity, climate change and environmental considerations as a whole, due to their interconnectedness. FCA aims to build a consistent programme that includes all of these aspects.

Mission, Vision and Values

FCA aims to change the world through action for human dignity

Our Vision:
Changing the world through support for people in the most vulnerable situations.

We believe that local communities find the most sustainable solutions to the challenges in their own contexts. Finn Church Aid (FCA) will contribute to positive change by supporting people in the most vulnerable situations within fragile and disaster-affected areas. We specialise in supporting local communities in three priority areas: the right to peace, livelihood and education. We aim to become a global leader in supporting peace work in traditional communities and a strong actor within ACT Alliance’s network in issues related to livelihood and education. We enhance our programmes through global advocacy.

Our Core Values:

  • Unconditional love for our neighbours
  • Unyielding hope
  • Courage
  • Respect