Church World Service (CWS)

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Elkhart Corporate Center
28606 Phillips St.
P.O. Box 968
Elkhart, IN 46515

Phone: 800-297-1516 or 574-264-3102
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New York Corporate Center
475 Riverside Dr., Suite 700
New York, NY 10115
Phone: 212-870-2061
Fax: 212-870-3523


Church World Service (CWS) was born in 1946, in the aftermath of World War II. Seventeen denominations came together to form an agency “to do in partnership what none of us could hope to do as well alone.” The mission: Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick, comfort the aged, shelter the homeless.

Church World Service works with partners to eradicate hunger and poverty and to promote peace and justice around the world.  A cooperative agency of 37 Christian denominations and communions in the U.S., CWS works in partnership with local organizations around the world, supporting sustainable development, meeting emergency needs, assisting refugees and displaced persons, and addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty.

CWS provides financial, technical and material assistance from the U.S. and through programs worldwide.

CWS core development work internationally supports an asset-based, contextual approach to community development. CWS is committed to employing its resources in a strategic and focused way to achieve the greatest positive improvement in people’s lives in the areas where we work. CWS also works to raise awareness in the U.S. – in the churches and the general public, as well as with policymakers — to give voice to the issues that affect hunger people and promote sustainable solutions.