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Arne Naess-Holm
Area Representative Middle East


NCA’s humanitarian aid to the Palestinian population started in the 1950s on the Mount of Olives with assistance to Palestinian refugees in cooperation with the Lutheran World Federation. In the late 1990s the work expanded with bilateral support to several Palestinian and Israeli partner organizations. In 2005 an office was set up in Jerusalem that today has five local staff and a Norwegian area representative. ACT alliance members are increasingly working more closely together on emergency preparedness response.

NCA has defined four strategic programs for 2011-2015 in oPt: Women, Peace and Security, Faith Communities and Peace Building, Livelihood and Trade and Right to Access to Quality Health Care. This application belongs to the three latter strategic programs.

Mission, Vision and Values

Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) is a diakonal organization working for global justice. This mission has been given to us by churches and Christian organizations in Norway, and is expressed as follows:

  • Norwegian Church Aid shall manifest God’s love in the world by upholding human dignity and protecting the integrity of Creation.
  • Norwegian Church Aid shall: Protect the dignity of the destitute, poor and oppressed, and join hands with them in their struggle for basic rights.
  • Challenge the powerful and those with authority to uphold the rights of the destitute, poor and oppressed and to respect their human dignity.
  • Demonstrate compassion by participating in and building inclusive communities.
  • Combat selfishness and greed, indifference and apathy among those who live in wealth and overconsumption.
  • Promote sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the global environment.
  • Strengthen the hope of liberation and peace with justice among those who struggle against destitution, poverty and oppression.

Together with our constituency and our partners, Norwegian Church Aid commits itself to the vision: Together for a just world.

Norwegian Church Aid’s values are the foundation for all the activities of the organization: the direct work to fulfill our mission, our relationships to partner organizations, the ongoing development of our organization and the formation of our leadership. These values are anchored in our Christian faith and the belief in the Creation as described in the Bible.

The Integrity of Creation
All life is created by God and all Creation has inherent value, which we are called to protect. All that is created has been entrusted to humanity for responsible stewardship, cultivation and protection. Norwegian Church Aid shall actively engage people in the responsible stewardship of nature and challenge those who abuse, exploit and damage Creation.

Human dignity
Human dignity is a gift from God, and encompasses all humanity from the beginning to the end of life, irrespective of class, gender, religion or ethnicity. God takes a special interest in those who experience poverty, oppression or exclusion. Therefore these women and men, children and young people are at the focus for Norwegian Church Aid’s work.

Global justice
All humans have the right to life, health, shelter, education, work, the free practice of religion and equality before the law. These rights also comprise participation in social institutions and processes that influence peoples’ lives. Norwegian Church Aid shall work to ensure that the destitute, the poor and the oppressed receive their fair share of the world’s available resources.

Inclusive communities
As humans we are dependent on each other, with rights and responsibilities for our common life. Norwegian Church Aid shall combat all forms of discrimination and promote inclusive communities where everyone has a voice and is shown respect. We shall seek cooperation with people and organizations that work for common solutions to social challenges, across geographical, cultural, political and religious boundaries.

Compassion means recognizing God’s image in every human being and acting accordingly, not out of coercion, but from an understanding that to love one’s neighbor is to love God. This love transcends borders and shall not be restricted by geographic, cultural or religious lines of division. Norwegian Church Aid shall work to transform indifference into solidarity and service in communities in Norway and beyond.