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Originally built as a guesthouse for German pilgrims, the building now known as Augusta Victoria Hospital was completed in 1910. In the wake of the 1948 war, the Lutheran World Federation worked with the Red Cross and the UN to turn Augusta Victoria into a hospital for Palestinian refugees.  Today, most of the patients served by AVH continue to be in social need and seeking life-saving specialized care. Six specialty departments account for the majority of work at the hospital: The Cancer Care Center, the Artificial Kidney Unit (dialysis), the Ear, Nose and Throat Department, the Diabetes Care Center, the Specialized Center for Child Care, and the Skilled Nursing and Long-Term (Sub-Acute) Care Unit. These units provide specialized treatments that are not available in the majority of hospitals in Palestine.

In 1949, the LWF began providing vocational training to Palestinian youth on the property. In 1964, the Vocational Training Program (VTP) moved to a newer and larger facility in Beit Hanina and in 2004, a training center was added in Ramallah. Today, the VTP serves nearly 500 students each year by providing training in the areas of auto-mechanics, auto-electronics, carpentry, metalwork, aluminum work, telecommunications, and plumbing and central heating.

The LWF has also provided material aid to those most in need since the early 1950s, distributing school kits, health kits, and quilts to refugee camps, orphanages, and community centers. The LWF also sponsors a scholarship program, promoting access to higher education through educational loans awarded to Palestinian youth who study at universities in Palestine.

Mission, Vision and Values

Inspired by God’s love for humanity, LWF World Service responds to and challenges the causes and consequences of human suffering and poverty.

LWF World Service is convinced that its contributions will transform the life of many people and that, through the joint diaconic efforts of the churches, a better world is achievable. World Service envisions: People of the world living in just societies in peace and dignity, united in diversity, and empowered to achieve their universal rights, to meet basic needs and quality of life.

Core Values:

  • Dignity and Justice: Every human being is created in God’s image, and is thereby gifted with a rich variety of talents and capacities; thus, all persons—independent of their social status or other differences—are to be subjects, rather than objects dominated by others. LWF World Service respects the dignity of every person and supports vulnerable communities in their efforts to achieve justice, human rights and a sustainable future for the human family and the whole creation. LWF World Service facilitates the empowerment of those with whom it works to achieve these ends.
  • Inclusiveness and Participation: People coming from different backgrounds and circumstances express the richness of God’s creation. The approach of LWF World Service reflects the respect for all people’s gifts for the sake of the fuller participation and inclusion of all people in society.
  • Accountability and Transparency: LWF World Service maximizes its capabilities through responsible stewardship of all entrusted resources. This is complemented by the highest standards, flexibility and pragmatism in program implementation—balancing accountability towards the affected population and the expectations of partners and back donors. LWF World Service is committed to transparency of its motives and aims, as well as its financial transactions.
  • Compassion and Commitment: LWF World Service cares about people. Inspired by God’s love for humanity and preferential option for the poor and marginalized, LWF World Service is committed to provide professional services with compassion for, and commitment to, people in need.


Overall Work

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Advocacy Work

The Lutheran World Federation in Jerusalem is consistently advocating for access to its humanitarian programs. The LWF works with officials locally and internationally to ensure access for patients and staff at Augusta Victoria Hospital and teachers and students at the Vocational Training Program.

See pages 11, 28 and 29 of the 2010 LWF Jerusalem Annual Report

How Can I Help?

For over 60 years, the LWF-Jerusalem Program has been providing humanitarian relief to those most in need throughout the occupied Palestinian territories. Your generous support, prayers, and time are important aspects of our work. For more information on how you can get involved and support the work of LWF-Jerusalem, visit: