Get Involved

The advocacy work of the APF is in concert with the aim of the World Council of Churches’ Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum (PIEF):

”The aim is to bring an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine in accordance with UN resolutions, and demonstrate commitment for inter-religious action for peace and justice that serves all the peoples of the region. The PIEF believes that non-violence and rigorous dialogue between people, regardless of religious affiliation, are the pillars around which peace, justice, and reconciliation can originate in the region.”

ACT Palestine Forum invites you to help us advocate for Palestinians rights and participating in our programs and activities, both locally and abroad. We depend on the involvement of everyone to help sustain the Palestinian community and work towards a Peace with Justice in the region. You can help in:

  • Become an Ecumenical Accompaniers (EA) by joining the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) programme and provide protective presence to vulnerable communities, monitor and report human rights abuses and support Palestinians and Israelis working together for peace.
  • Boycott settlement products and organize for campaigns in your country to pressure Israel to comply with International Law and Universal Principles of Human Rights.
  • Participate and/or encourage others to participate in the youth Journey for Justice Program and the Olive Tree Campaign – Keep Hope Alive, through sponsoring olive trees, or organize an event to fundraise for this campaign.
  • Join our global ecumenical ‘Prayer Vigil’ on the 24th of every month to pray for Peace and Justice in the Middle East.
  • Sign the Kairos Palestine ‘Moment of Truth’ document to show your solidarity with Palestinians.
  • Write letters or sign petitions to your elected members of Parliament or government officials and encourage them to visit Palestine to witness reality and show solidarity, and initiate or join actions or resolutions to end the illegal occupation of Palestine.
  • Arrange a debate, workshop or public talk on the situation in Palestine and raise awareness of how the occupation affects Palestinians and violates the Universal Principles of Human Rights and International Law.
  • Contact and communicate with human rights, international law and solidarity groups in your country or area as to unify efforts and create a local or national committee or movement that works for Palestine.
  • Send volunteers and establish an exchange or internship program to join the APF team and advocacy efforts and program, as a mean to create global advocacy leaders.
  • Provide financial support to APF programs in Palestine.