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Mission and Vision

Mission: IOCC, in the spirit of Christ’s love, offers emergency relief and development programs to those in need worldwide, without discrimination, and strengthens the capacity of the Orthodox Church to so respond.
Vision: We envision that, by God’s grace, IOCC will respond, without discrimination, to those who are suffering and in need, to enable them to continue to improve their own lives and communities and to have means to live with dignity, respect and hope.


IOCC Partners

IOCC works in cooperation with local, regional and international organizations to accomplish its humanitarian mission. Through these partnerships, IOCC is able to more effectively respond to the needs of people suffering from war, poverty, disease and natural disaster.


* Funding Organizations

ACT Alliance

ARD, Inc.

European Commission Humanitarian Office (ECHO)

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO)

Finn Church Aid Foundation

Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

IntraHealth International

The John G. Rangos Sr. Charitable Foundation

Orthodox Church in America

The Pancretan Association of America

The Pangea Network

RTI International

Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of Australia and New Zealand

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (BPRM)

U.S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy Ethiopia

UN World Food Programme (UNWFP)

Vladimir Radmanovic Children’s Foundation


* Orthodox Implementing Partners

Department for Church Charity and Social Service
of the Moscow Patriarchate (Russian Orthodox Church)

Diakonia Agapes (Archdiocese of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania)

Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and
Inter Church Aid Commission (EOC-DICAC)

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East (Syria)

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Patriarchate of Georgia

Romanian Orthodox Church

Serbian Orthodox Church


* Other Implementing Partners

American Red Cross

Agency for Cooperation, Education and Development
(ACED – Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Agrolink (Serbia)

Armenia Inter-Church Charitable Round Table Foundation (ART)

Cambridge Family & Children’s Services (CFCS)

Church World Service (CWS) – Immigration & Refugee Program

Duga (Serbia)

East Jerusalem YMCA

Habitat for Humanity International

Kid Care

LeRoy Haynes Center

Loaves & Fishes Program

Luisa Guidotti Hospital

Michigan Professional Athletes Charities

National Centre for Culture & Performing Arts (PAC – Jordan)

National Head Start Association

New York Disaster Interfaith Services (NYDIS)

New Horizons Foundation (Romania)

Rotary International

The Vocational Training Corporation (Jordan)

Orthodox Scouts (Lebanon)

University of Balamand (Lebanon)

MKD Zdravo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

United World College


* Gifts-in-Kind Partners

American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA)

Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF)

Church World Service (CWS)


Lutheran World Relief (LWR)

Medical Teams International (MTI)

UCP Wheels for Humanity

Giving Children Hope

Heart to Heart International

Hope Haven

IMA World Health


IOCC in the Holy Land

IOCC established its program in Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza in 1997, working since then to help those in need to improve their lives, and responding to the emergency needs of the most vulnerable in times of conflict and increased strain. IOCC’s 2009 assistance in the Holy Land was valued at nearly $3.7 million. In 2009, IOCC was able to respond to the emergency needs of people suffering the effects of the winter 2008-9 military conflict in the Gaza Strip through funding from a variety of donors. Over $1.4 million provided by USAID through ARD allowed IOCC to distribute much-needed emergency food and other essentials to approximately 70,000 people there throughout the year, along with school kits, health kits, and baby kits valued at almost $115,000. As a member-agency of ACT International (now ActAlliance), IOCC was able to distribute food supplements and other essentials to almost 45,000 more people, while 135 families received small cash grants to repair their damaged homes. IOCC was also able to provide institutions in Gaza significant amounts of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, baby kits, and hygiene kits for use in their services.

In the West Bank, through ACT International, IOCC provided grants to the Four Homes of Mercy to help this residential facility for the physically and mentally disabled cover some of the shorter-term unforeseen costs associated with the life-long care of 90 patients. Over 2,000 days of paid work for unemployed men and women were provided, in repairing and renovating the Bethany Orthodox School for Girls, the Beit Jala Municipal Sports Field, and also in helping to construct 25 home gardens for families in need. These gardens, coupled with theoretical and practical training for the women participants, plus seeds, tools, and other materials, now allow 25 families to grow a significant amount of their household food needs themselves. Funding from the PANGEA network allowed IOCC to similarly help another 81 people in establishing sheep breeding through women’s cooperatives. In addition, through the generosity of many other donors, IOCC was able to distribute additional hygiene kits, school kits, and a variety of school textbooks in English to organizations and institutions in Jerusalem and throughout the West Bank.

For 2010, funding from USAID through ARD will enable IOCC to provide food and other essential items, with additional contributions of quilts and baby kits, to almost 3,800 families in the Gaza Strip still struggling after the military conflict and from the continued blockade of the area. IOCC also has plans to provide temporary employment opportunities, assistance in recovering agriculture, and children’s psycho-social activities there during the year, also with USAID and ARD. In the West Bank, IOCC will be working with the support of Finn Church Aid and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland to help 180 families establish household bee-keeping and / or home gardens as a way to earn much-needed, steady income in areas where access to family farmland has been lost, or where such sources of income are nevertheless sorely needed.

Programs Prior to 2008

  • Agriculture Improvement (2007 – 2008): Through funding of $875,000 from the European Commission Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO), ten rural communities in the West Bank benefitted from a program to provide more secure sources of food for 660 isolated families. Communities were trained in farming home gardens, cultivating bees, raising livestock, and building water cisterns, becoming more self-sufficient through the sale of excess produce, honey, and animal products.
  • Job Creation (2004 – 2007): Funded by USAID, IOCC implemented two large-scale, multi-year programs valued at $3 million, which generated 17,437 days of employment for disadvantaged Palestinians while improving or rehabilitating educational facilities for 18 Palestinian schools.
  • Palestinian Gaza Strip Emergency Response (2006-2007): Supported by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IOCC provided emergency assistance including medicines, nutrition, and medical care to 700 vulnerable beneficiaries including malnourished children, women, children with heart disease, and chronically ill elderly persons. Additional emergency assistance supported by ACT International rehabilitated the farms of 27 families in the Gaza Strip, and also provided hot meals for 400 pre-school children in 6 kindergartens.
  • Building Civil Society (2004-2006): Supported by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this civic education program promoted a culture of civil society and democracy through leadership training, education and employment in 6 rural communities of the West Bank.
  • Emergency Material Aid Assistance (2004-2006): Supported by donations from ecumenical partners, IOCC provided emergency materials and commodities valued at $211,509 to 10,855 beneficiaries in 67      communities in the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza Strip. Emergency      materials provided included food, hygiene kits, medical supplies,      medicines, school kits, infant needs, blankets and other urgent needs.
  • Empowering Palestinian Women (2004-2005): Supported by the Geneva Global organization, this program improved the income of vulnerable Palestinian families in 16 communities, assisting 2,704 beneficiaries through activities including the development of agricultural cooperatives for women.
  • Emergency Supplies for Gaza (2002-2006): IOCC provided emergency humanitarian supplies to 30,000 persons in 49 communities of the West Bank and Gaza Strip through support from ACT International and the      Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. IOCC Jerusalem also implemented relief    and development programs valued at $3.7 million for emergency employment, empowerment of women, building civil society, and emergency assistance for the Gaza Strip.
  • Emergency Employment Generation and Infrastructure Repair (2002 – 2004): Provided employment in the repair of community infrastructure – agriculture, health, and education. Supported by USAID and others, valued at $5.5 million.
  • Youth Education (1997-2001): IOCC assistance programs valued at $432,000 supported Youth Education or Computer programs in Jerusalem and Nazareth, Civil Society programs in Palestinian schools and      communities, and Emergency assistance programs for victims of conflict      throughout the Palestinian territories.


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