August 24, 2015 –



24th of every month

Prayer Petitions for Cessation of Demolitions, Assistance for Gaza, and for Justice in Accordance with International Law

Monday, 24 August, 2015

Every day in the month ahead, we continue to pray with and for our sisters and brothers in Palestine and Israel who have called for an ecumenical prayer vigil across the globe on the 24th of every month.

On 21 August, 2015, AIDA released a press statement containing 31 signatures from international organizations condemning the increase in demolitions of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Since the beginning of the year, over 350 Palestinian structures have been demolished by the Israeli Army.

Last week alone, at least 63 homes and basic structures were demolished, leaving 132 people homeless, including 82 children.

“Demolitions are pushing Palestinians to the brink and destroying prospects for peace. Instead of developing their communities and their livelihood, thousands of Palestinians in Area C are living in misery with the constant fear that tomorrow, their home could be gone and they could be forced to leave their land,” said Catherine Essoyan, Oxfam’s Regional Chair.

This month, we lift up prayers for our displaced sisters and brothers, and for those still suffering in Gaza. We focus on the urgent need for humanitarian assistance to provide the basic needs of shelter, water, and food, the promotion and protection of human rights, to uphold and support lives of dignity, and the importance of non-violent means of pursuing justice in accordance with international law.

During the month between 24 August and 24 September 2015, the ACT Palestine Forum will focus its awareness building and advocacy efforts on seeking justice in accordance with international law in relation to the loss of homes and structures for humanitarian necessities, and for the recovery of Gaza. We will continue to pray for Palestinians and Israelis, and advocate for non-violent means of pursuing justice. We invite you to prepare and send prayer petitions for us to share on the APF website.

APF encourages its friends and partners to visit the APF website and APF Facebook page often to find, and also contribute, updates, photos, stories, advocacy ideas, and special prayers.

Prayer for 24 August 2015 and the month following:

For children, women, and men of every race who are denied education, health care, jobs, housing, hope and dignity, Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

For those in our communities and around the world, whose lives are dominated by violence, despair and mistrust, for those who are lonely and desperate, sick in body and soul, and for those who are weary from pain and in need of your healing touch, Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

For children who cannot walk to school without the threat of being attacked along the way, for farmers who cannot harvest their crops without being harassed, for families who fear the destruction of their homes and other structures which provide basic humanitarian needs, Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

For those who rely on the force of arms to frighten, harm or subjugate a neighbor; for those who find it necessary to deny the rights of their neighbors to feel secure, Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

For those who have suffered the tortures of slavery, displacement, war and the tyranny of oppression, who have been beaten, and unjustly imprisoned; for those whose lives have been choked by economic and social injustice, we grieve with them, especially our brothers and sisters in Gaza and throughout Palestine and Israel, and pray for their healing and rejuvenation, Lord, in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

For the people who are discouraged, distressed, weary, and mourning as they seek peace, for those who feel hopeless in the face of destroyed buildings, uprooted trees, uprooted lives, Lord in your mercy,
Hear our prayers.

For caring hands and passionate voices, that they may be strengthened for service and advocacy, we give you thanks, Lord, in your mercy.
Hear our prayers.

Look with mercy, gracious God, upon people everywhere who live with injustice, terror, destruction, displacement, oppression, and death as their constant companions. Rouse us from our complacency and help us to challenge Israelis and Palestinians to follow a nonviolent path toward the end of the occupation, agitating for the protection of human rights, and comforting those whose lives have been afflicted by abuse and violence. Strengthen those who seek equality for all. Grant that everyone may enjoy a fair portion of the abundance of the earth; through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

For a printable version, click here Prayer Vigil August 2015 pdf.